Activity Check

    An activity check is a type of field investigation that has multiple applications. It can often mean traveling to a location and literally “checking out” the activity. Activity checks can also be utilized to keep an eye on business facilities, residential locations, and individuals, including employees. Over the last decade, activity checks have slowly transformed into a tool that can greatly aid businesses and private parties.

    Business Challenge

    Advances in technology allow businesses to operate nationwide, even without a physical presence in other states. Occasionally, a business still needs someone on the ground in another state to be their eyes and ears. Similarly, when an employee stops responding or reporting to work but lives in a remote area, their employer has a legitimate reason to want to check up on their activity.

    Business Solution

    Upon contacting our firm, a field agent can be dispatched to conduct an activity check on your property or the address of your employee. Our experienced Investigators meticulously document the activity in the area and take video footage of any activity on the property, such as trespassing or loitering which we then report to our client. Our researchers can run the license plates of any vehicles in question and determine the identities of the owners. We can even aid in determining if an employee has a legitimate reason to be out on leave or if they are misrepresenting the truth about their time off.

    Case Study

    A pharmaceuticals manufacturer called our office concerned that one of their most knowledgeable employees was sharing proprietary information with a competitor. The employee was currently out on disability and was not required to report to work. We conducted several activity checks on the employee at various intervals. As a result of our work, the employer learned that the employee in question was not actually working with the competitor and was legitimately injured; the accusation was just a rumor started by another employee. Activity checks gathered enough information to reassure the employer that their employee was still loyal and the allegations had no merit, helping them to avoid a potential wrongful termination lawsuit.