Our forensic examiners are capable expert witnesses that can assist in trial preparation, competently testify and create courtroom exhibits and displays. There are many professional forensic examiners, but few can clearly and concisely testify to their work processes, answer “loaded questions” from the opposition and do so with a sterling reputation as a court certified expert.

Maintaining proper chain-of-custody, being able to articulate each step of the process, having a sound analytical approach, and keeping excellent notes and documentation of each investigation and analysis is of key importance, both in the lab and in the witness box. When selecting a Computer Forensics Expert Witness, you should determine the following:

  • How long has the witness worked as a Forensics Examiner?
  • What is the witness’ level of education and the status of relevant continued education?
  • What formal training and professional certifications does the witness possess?
  • What is the entire scope of the witness’ career background, and what percentage of that is related to the testimony?
  • Is the witness a member of any forensics industry or related professional associations?
  • Has the witness published or contributed to any publications or articles in the field of computer forensics?
  • Have you been offered a complete Curricula Vitae and verified its accuracy?

Our Computer Forensics Expert Witnesses can withstand the highest scrutiny and their verifiable credentials add credibility to their testimony in court. They are experienced and understand the importance of answering the question thoroughly, without drifting beyond the scope of the question and volunteering information not solicited by counsel. In short, to remain in complete control of the desired testimony, the best attorneys choose the best and most experienced witnesses.