Field Investigations

building-security-guardAs a leading nationwide investigation firm, Diversified Risk Management, Inc. is committed to providing long-term solutions with uncompromising integrity, quality, and value.

Field Investigations The private investigation field has changed significantly in the last hundred years. Technological advances and changes in public records law have transformed the industry. Much of the research we perform can now be done from a computer with Internet access. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems allow users to connect to real-time feeds from remote locations. These improvements aid private investigators in quickly and discretely meeting our clients’ objectives. But one constant has remained throughout all these advancements: they don’t call us gumshoes for nothing. Field investigations, especially surveillance have always been the bailiwick of PI’s, and at Diversified Risk Management, we intend to maintain the status quo.

Business Challenge

Sometimes the only way to gather evidence is in-person. In an increasingly-global business environment, it is common to require the assistance of persons in disparate geographical areas.

Business Solutions Including Employee Monitoring

If you are in New York and need in Orange County, California, we have the resources to meet your objectives. The very nature of surveillance requires investigators to be mobile, discrete and ready follow our subject “down the rabbit hole”.

Contact our office today to learn more about our field investigation service offerings. Our website provides sections covering the following types of field investigations:

  • Covert Surveillance
  • CCTV & DVR Installation
  • Activity Check
  • Personal Injury Fraud/Workers’ Comp Fraud
  • Evasive Process Service
  • Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Employee monitoring of communication systems is considered to be a responsible business practice.  Employers who fail to monitor and investigate  may expose themselves to liability.  Employee monitoring is now considered the norm in the workplace.

Most employers now monitor their employees behavior. The most common reason for concern is related to potential litigation and the  role that electronic evidence plays in legal issues, lawsuits, and government agency investigations.    Employers also implement employee monitoring to prevent or investigate workplace theft, harassment, and related issues.