Trademark Intellectual Property (IP) Enforcement and Investigation Services

Trademark Infringement Investigations & EnforcementIntellectual Property theft has increased dramatically in recent years and will continue to rise unless you protect your Intellectual Property. Diversified Risk Management, Inc. has worked with numerous top international firms in various market sectors in protecting their property in order to reduce this menacing problem.

Intellectual Property is property that results from the original creative thought, as patents, copyright material, and trademarks. Intellectual Property owners are the possessors of the trademark or copyright (also known as the brand owner). As the brand owners, they decide how, when, and where their Intellectual Property get manufactured, distributed, and sold. These are Intellectual Property owners’ exclusive rights.

Trademark infringement is a violation of the exclusive rights a trademark owner has been provided by law, such as using a logo identical or similar to one owned by another party.

Intellectual Property Theft goes by many names: Counterfeiting, Piracy, and Bootlegging.

  • Counterfeit – Made in imitation with the intent to defraud (knock-off).
  • Piracy – Generally refers to the duplication and distribution of audio or visual recordings.
  • Bootleg – An unauthorized recording of a live performance either audio or visual.

Victims of Intellectual Property theft lose money, their reputation as a brand owner, and consumer faith. There are also health and safety issues that arise from Intellectual Property theft.

Counterfeit products are found everywhere; on the Internet, in boutiques, salons, small retail establishments, etc. Intellectual Property theft is illegal and consumers, who buy counterfeit merchandise, whether wittingly or not, support illicit activities like organized crime, drug trafficking, and terrorism.

Counterfeiters will go to any lengths to smuggle in their illegal goods. We have seen counterfeiters cleverly packaging their illegal imports by covering counterfeit “knock-off” labels with generic labels; after clearing customs, they remove the generic labels and sell counterfeit items with the brand owner’s trademark.

With the lengths that Intellectual Property thieves go to, as a brand owner, you need Diversified Risk Management, Inc. to help you protect your Intellectual Property. Diversified Risk Management, Inc. has a worldwide network of IP investigators and legal experts who are able to assist you in protecting your Intellectual Property rights. Diversified Risk Management, Inc.’s emphasis is to provide long term solutions while identifying the problem, locating the source and distribution channels, and working with the local law enforcement agencies for full prosecution.