Cargo Theft Investigations

    container-trucksCargo theft in the U.S. has steadily increased in recent years. More and more successful and astute executives in the vulnerable types of businesses which manufacture, ship or store consumer goods, invest in defensive measures. Diversified Risk Management, Inc. (“DRM, Inc.”) has the experience and capability to aid businesses with this serious and growing problem in cost-effective ways.

    We have identified the perpetrators of theft in large and small businesses afflicted by unexplained inventory shortages, solving their problems with expert undercover surveillance, covert camera systems, and “sting” operations. We’ve also prevented countless losses through pre-employment background checks, logistics security escorts, DOT-compliant drug testing services for regular employees and drivers and security surveys, otherwise known as vulnerability assessments.

    In addition to preventative services, we provide reactive investigative and security services when the perpetrators of cargo theft have been identified, often working in tandem with local law enforcement, sometimes with specialized cargo theft task forces, in “sting operations”. At all times, unless we do otherwise at the direction of a client firm and its lawyers, we act as agents of corporate legal counsel and not the police, so our clients maintain control over the outcome of the investigation as it pertains to your employees.

    We’ve purchased stolen property from thieves, obtaining the evidence necessary for criminal and civil prosecution of the thieves and their morally equivalent partners, the unscrupulous businesspeople who endeavor to buy your company’s property without paperwork at greatly reduced prices.

    In certain instances, computer forensics are utilized in gathering and reviewing evidence, such as computerized inventory and manifest records, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) logs, telephone data and other forms of electronic communication, including e-mail.

    We often facilitate the physical recovery of stolen product from employees who, when interviewed properly, admitted their involvement in theft. We then document their voluntary surrender of the product, create an inventory of recovered goods, and capture useable video footage of the entire process for evidentiary purposes. In all the decades in which we’ve recovered stolen property, we’ve never had such a situation result in adverse litigation of any kind, other than successful criminal prosecution or successful civil recovery, or both, because we very accurately and conclusively document the voluntary and un-coercive environment in which we have performed these services.

    Cargo theft can impact businesses in many ways, from short term losses of revenue to long term brand dilution due to counterfeiting, a form of Intellectual Property theft. It’s no coincidence pharmaceutical products, consumer electronics, food processors and clothing manufacturers are some of the most frequently targeted victims of freight theft.

    Diversified Risk Management, Inc. provides our clients with long term solutions and immediate assistance in all matters involving actual or suspected cargo theft.

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    Diversified Risk Management, Inc. is a licensed investigation firm, familiar and compliant with the federal and state laws governing our services.