Brokerage Account Search

    brokerage-account-searchKnowing where to search is half the battle during the collection of any judgment. Our brokerage account search aids creditors in determining any hidden assets holdings that are currently active. During high value judgments, a brokerage account search can provide a party of the others subjects precise capital; even if the account is tailored through a discount portfolio in which the assets are not at a greater scale.

    Business Challenge

    Once a judgment has been reached, the most difficult variable comes into play, collections. Collection of a judgment can be impaired by several obstacles and such obstacles go unnoticed until is too late. Brokerage account searches can seem expensive and, sometimes, rather time consuming. But when compared to the time and expense of successfully litigating a case, rather than to blindly pursue litigation with little or no chance of a real recovery.

    Business Solution

    A brokerage account search can start you off on the right track, allowing you to establish if a subject or entities own any large-scale portfolios, due diligence developments involving precise valuations, brokerage name and address, account titles, account types, approximate balance and detailed documentation of identifiable negligent holdings to include child support.

    All this information can be the defining factor when attempting to collect on existing or impending judgments. Our firm can tactfully complete a GLBA-compliant search t of the 50 most popular investment firms. In most cases, a brokerage account search can be performed with the subject’s first and last name, current or last known address and a social security number and a copy of the judgment.

    Case Study

    A client with a sizable judgment contacted us because they had not been able to collect any funds from the debtor. Our brokerage account search identified accounts held by the debtor which contained thousands of dollars. As a result, the client was able to collect a portion of their judgment, rather than none at all.