Financial Crimes

    investigative-researchWelcome to the Financial Crimes section of Diversified Risk Management’s website.

    If your business is the victim of commercial fraud or embezzlement, we can help you file a coherent, detailed police report to ensure your case is treated with the weight it deserves. This will in turn increase your chances of receiving restitution from the guilty parties.

    In the wake of discovering commercial fraud has occurred, it is of key importance that you react quickly and do not inadvertently destroy key evidence. Our team of experienced interviewers can obtain witness statements from employees that may have had knowledge of the fraud. If necessary, we can even interview the accused.

    In many cases, we have obtained written admissions from the guilty party, documenting exactly how they were able to commit the fraud without being detected. If necessary, we can conduct computer forensics on the workstation computer of individuals believed to be involved and determine if they left behind any incriminating evidence.

    If you are a creditor named in a judgment, we can perform bank account and brokerage account searches to identify accounts held by your debtor. With this information, your attorney can literally have the bank remove funds from the debtors’ accounts until your judgment is satisfied. If your debtor disappears hoping to avoid paying their judgment, we can perform a skip trace and locate their current whereabouts.

    As many are aware, the economic collapse of 2008 was in large part due to real estate and lending practices. In the wake of the collapse, we have handled numerous Mortgage Fraud investigations. This includes interviewing borrowers, employers and neighbors to verify periods of occupancy, monthly income, employment status and more.