The Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software can be an excellent way to ensure your employees are staying on task as well as to gather evidence of misconduct/crimes.  We will discuss the best most useful tools and how to take advantage of the software.

Online Activity: With monitoring software, you can record each and every keystroke made, including search terms entered into search engines.  In addition, the software will capture the pages visited after conducting a search so you can see exactly what a user was viewing.

Social Network Activity: Facebook is the most popular website in the world and most children and adults now have profiles.  With the use of monitoring software, you can capture photo screenshots of all activity when someone is logged into Facebook.  This includes messages sent and received, account profiles and pictures and even notes the top 10 that are sending/receiving messages.  This enables you to identify other Facebook users of interest.

File Transfers: Today most music, movies and television shows are available for free (in illegal, pirated form) on the Internet.  But remember, many downloads available contain viruses and Trojans.  In addition, intellectual property owners are going after regular users more and more.  With monitoring software, you will have a record of every download made onto the computer with a time and date stamp.  This can be invaluable when someone downloads illegal software, videos, music files or pornography.

Remote Viewing: All of the above features are great, but they would instantly lose their effectiveness if the user becomes suspicious.  People become suspicious that you are monitoring their computer use if someone asks to use the computer right after they are done.  Remote viewing allows one to review all of the activity discussed above, remotely from another computer.   This is also invaluable when one is traveling or away from home and still wants to know what a user is doing on your computer. Keylogging is often used in tandem with this software to silently record all user activity without their knowledge. If a key logger is installed on the computer you can digitally record every action they perform.