How to Avoid Workplace Violence


Threats of terrorist acts and mass shootings are occurring at an alarming rate.  Employers are being forced to think about the safety and security of their employees like never before.  With that in mind, we have assembled some useful tips for protecting your business and employees.


Know your Industry

Some industries are inherently more to workplace violence than others.  For example, jobs that require little human interaction and do not require employees to deal with cash are generally safer than jobs that require daily interaction with customers or involve cash transactions.


Invest in Security

The upfront cost of installing a video surveillance system or a metal detector pales in comparison to the cost of going to court to defend your business against claims of negligence or wrongful death.  Consider the value of perimeter fencing, security guard services and access control to keep your business from unnecessary legal exposure.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Consider the value of a security survey.  A security survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and/or its operation with respect to personnel and company assets.  Identify vulnerabilities and receive recommendations on how these vulnerabilities may be minimized or eliminated.