Vehicle Registration Records Search

Vehicle Registration Records Please note, we are a private business and do NOT provide individuals with free vehicle records information.

If you need a records search, please contact your appropriate state DMV.

Vehicle registration searches can be an invaluable resource when conducting an investigation. If you give us a license plate number, we can identify the registered owner of the vehicle.

Investigative Uses :

  • Identify the owner of a vehicle that is following/stalking you
  • Determine whether a particular person owns a particular vehicle
  • Help confirm someone’s address and/or occupancy at a residence
  • Locate/verify the current whereabouts of a surveillance target
  • Identify the driver in a hit-and-run collision or verify the information they provided to you was accurate

For more information on investigations related to vehicle registration records,contact us


A vehicle registration records search utilizes Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) records to obtain registration information; it can be performed to identify the owner of a particular vehicle or to identify all vehicles registered to any individual or entity by name, or in association with a specific address.

For ownership information on a specific vehicle, the license plate number is submitted through the DMV’s database; soon, we obtain the name of the currently registered owner, the registration status of the vehicle, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and lien-holder information. It may also show the weight of the vehicle and the most recent smog test.

A license plate vehicle registration search is very effective, but what if the license plate number of your subject is unavailable? In such a case, we perform an Automated Name Index (ANI) search to access the entire DMV index in any particular state. It identifies matches based on the provided registrant’s name and address.

An ANI search will identify all vehicles currently registered to a specific individual at the specified address. Prior to requesting an ANI search, a Social Security number trace is often recommended to obtain the most current address used by the subject.

Due to privacy laws, vehicle registration records will not reveal the registered owner’s current address.

Please inquire regarding the privacy laws of the specific state where you would like a vehicle registration search performed, and we will gladly provide you with an estimated turnaround time and cost.