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    Bomb Threats in the Workplace

    securityMost bomb threats are hoaxes, intended to be disruptive or a practical joke. But as a business owner, having contingencies in place for an emergency is always prudent. Unfortunately, every business is susceptible to bomb threats. Having a plan in place and knowing how to respond will make this event less traumatic, and could save lives when minutes count.

    Business Challenge

    Chances are if you’re in business long enough, you may have to deal with a bomb threat. Usually it’s nothing more than a disgruntled former or current employee trying to get a day off or get revenge by inducing fear. But every business should have procedures in place that cover what employees should do in the event of a bomb threat.

    Business Solution

    Any threat should be treated seriously and businesses should be prepared to suspend regular work and procedures (as necessary) to ensure the safety of employees, customers and others. Taking a proactive approach helps an organization to be better prepared and plan for the future. Our experts can educate and prepare your employees on how to identify threats, contact the proper authorities and maintain order. Once the threat has been neutralized, we can aid with the investigation and identity the culprit.

    Workplace Bomb Threats A Case Study

    An industrial manufacturer contacted us after receiving half a dozen workplace bomb threats in a three month period. Most of the threats were relayed via telephone, but one was sent via e-mail to the company’s corporate e-mail address. Using computer forensics, we were able to identify the sender: a disgruntled ex-employee. We notified law enforcement of our findings and the bomb threats ceased permanently.

    In our dealings with bomb threats, we have learned that there are two distinct types of threats that are usually received.

    They are either specific or nonspecific threats:

    • Specific – These are the least common, but the most credible. The caller will provide
      details on location, appearance, time set for activation and the motive behind planting the
    • Nonspecific – Information is basically a simple statement that a bomb has been placed. No
      other information is available.

    As a courtesy, we have prepared a bomb threat checklist for training purposes.